Anne Hilb

Master’s of Science in Organization Development at American University

Certified Trainer: International Institute of Restorative Practices

Certified Conflict Dynamics Profile and Conflict Dynamics 360 Practitioner Coach

Certified Myers Briggs Type Indicator Practitioner

Trained Mediator, Circle Keeper and Facilitator (Various Modalities)

Anne is the founder of a small consultancy whose mission is to create spaces where necessary conversations promote progress. The vision of this organization is to be partners in the development of deeply connected people and communities. Anne and her team offer consultation, facilitation, training, retreat planning and coaching utilizing expertise in restorative work, organization development, understanding of self and of conflict work.

By applying these lenses, Graymake Consulting, LLC seeks to promote healing work in organizations. The hope is that by fostering holistic culture in individuals, teams, and organizations, this work will spread beyond the walls of institutions as systems shift the way we live our lives.

Anne joined the Tranquili-Chi community in hopes of expanding her greatest joy and practice of self- care, which is gathering in and sharing the art of circle practice with others. As we live in an increasingly connected world, we are also more disconnected and less present than in many other times throughout history. It therefore seems increasingly important to connect in deeply authentic ways.

Circle practices allow this to happen in a beautifully nurturing container.  “Circle” refers to a process of facilitating dialogue wherein:

1. A talking piece is the primary mode of regulating the conversation, so that each person has an equal opportunity to speak.

2. Participants engage in an intentional conversation about values and a set of guidelines for how they want to be together.

3. The process opens and closes with some form of ceremony.

4. Building relationships precedes and is treated as equally important as tackling difficult issues. []


She is also excited to offer various trainings on topics such as “Self- Care; Is Balance Possible?” “Conflict as Identity,” “Becoming a Circle Keeper,” and “Change is Inevitable,” amongst others.

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Phone: 443-386-7653



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