9/9-10/18 Micro-Trauma Maintenance Therapy

9/9-10/18 Micro-Trauma Maintenance Therapy


Raju Mantina, International Sports Massage Therapist

NCBTMB # 451738-11

14 CE Credits | $300

Sept 9 & 10, 2018. 9am - 5pm each day, with 1 hour for lunch

This class integrates stretching, activity, education, and massage. You will learn various specialized techniques to “feel the body” in addition to various stretching, myofascial and deep tissue releases, which remove adhesion, repair tissue and joint dysfunctions, and provide patients with an increased range of motion, healing and decreased pain. The purpose and goal of this class are to provide an injury free career for athletes and long-lasting function without discomfort for the general population.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course students will learn:

1. Common injuries (general and sport related)

A. Effects of these injuries on soft tissue

B. How to treat common injuries (tennis elbow, shin splints, hamstring strain…)

2. How to treat back pain and discomfort

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