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Jessica Louise Jones

CEO and Founder of Health Pathways, LLC, dba ZENZ ™ Massage Stones

Jessica developed the first soapstone massage tool and is the creator of the concept of massage with warm cylindrical soapstone. Her mission is to keep experienced therapists in the field longer while teaching newer therapists how they can protect their hands. This is the result of learning how to use these stones in her own healing from a serious car accident in 2004. Jessica underwent four surgeries and suffered from extreme pain in order to regain the use of her right leg and foot.  As the leg began to mend, and she tried to massage it, she found she could not effectively reach her leg or foot as the leg would not bend. After much time and effort, she designed the first Zenz stone massage tool that allowed her extra length and strength for her hands, and also to effectively use hot and cold therapy on the injured area. This greatly affected her ability to empower herself, heal from her injuries, walk and enjoy a more normal life.

Jessica, a 1990 graduate of the Virginia School of Massage, started her practice within the spa industry. A fascination with the healing art of therapeutic massage began while living in New Mexico in 1978, with her study of foot massage and Reflexology. This fascination has brought Jessica to the development of the Zenz concept and Zenz massage stones. She is also a licensed esthetician, and has utilized this training, along with 36 years of study and education in the art and science of massage, to create easy Zenz massage with spa, facial, reflexology, self-care, deep tissue and sports massage techniques using Zenz Massage Stones. Unable to work after the accident, she focused her time on her own healing, and found the amazing soapstone cylinders helped her so much, she knew she had to bring it into the massage world and help others with her discovery. She has developed an easy to use massage tool, as well as ways to help loved ones, or oneself relax, or aid in recovery from injury. She’s a strong believer of the phrase:” If everyone gave and received massage each day, the world would be at peace.”

She is happy now to share these stones to help with our own Self-Care or to make our great work easier as well as more effective. The ergonomic design of the stones and patent approved angles, results in a deeper level of massage and relaxation with less effort and strain, helping to protect hands, wrists, thumbs, and shoulders. The Zenz™ Technique is an easy way to positively affect the release of tendon and ligament attachments, creating a more therapeutic, enjoyable massage for clients and therapists alike. Warm or cool, they hold temperature longer than the usual hot stone, are easy to use, and clean as they are naturally antimicrobial, antibacterial, nonabsorbent, and nonporous. The silky smooth quality of polished soapstone combined with better thermal control feels like warm or cool hands and is great for gentle relaxation. Increase pressure and use larger stones and patented ends for Acupressure, Trigger Point, Reflexology, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage, saving your hands. Learn how to “push” the stone for myofascial release, how increasing pressure with a stone, leverage and heat is easier and better for you, and how to use and clean less stones for easier, better hot stone sessions-no lost time cleaning.   

A member of American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) since 1989, and a Licensed Massage Therapist, and VA Licensed Esthetician since 1990. Jessica is also Board Certified through the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB)-  Educational Provider #924, Certified Provider for FSMTA, BS University of GA, 1976.