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Rev. Mary Perry

Wings Unfurled

Rev. Mary Perry is a healer and teacher of light and transformation and through her business, Wings Unfurled brings this enchantment and wonder to you so you can move to your sacred self, embracing the world of angels and guidance from spirit.

Her belief in magic and her connection to a world filled with angelic guidance, Divine Oneness and high vibrational support enables her to bring to you messages and healing filled with love from the angels and your guides. This guidance is the basis of her inspirational, loving, and healing ways. After years of study and inner work, this guidance is now channeling messages and healing information for you through her. With Wings Unfurled, she is dedicated to help others connect to their inner wisdom and to walk their healing journey, finding transformation through vibrational alchemy. 

The angels have brought Rev. Perry to an understanding that the more we connect to our inner self we begin the movement forward that many of us search for in this life. Through Rev. Perry’s guidance, she shares and teaches from her toolbox of spiritual tools, always.

Rev. Perry believes that through allowing your inner healer to come alive through light, love, your life starts to shine the light you are, and helps move you forward. Healing comes to us in many ways, through words, sounds, energy work, crystals, essential oils, and even classes and workshops. Your inner guidance will help you understand your path and as you connect, you will find answers and explore different healing modalities.

Rev. Mary Perry offers angelic guidance through Channeled Angel Readings, Seraphim Blueprint healing sessions and classes, Peter Hess Sound Massage using Tibetan Singing Bowls, Kundalini Reiki sessions and workshops, Integrated Energy Therapy sessions and workshops, and Crystal Healing Layout sessions. Her website: offers more information about all of these modalities.

Please call or text 443-465-3060 or email to book your session now.