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Best Practices, Ideas and Implementation for Massage Therapists in Private Practice



8 CE Credits | $210

Are you a seasoned therapist in private practice but struggling to keep a consistent client base? Are you fresh out of school and still unclear on how to even start your own private practice? If so, please join Session one - Business Beginnings!

In this class you will learn:

· Key aspects of building a private practice.

· Business Start -up, Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, forming an LLC- Which one should you choose?

· Navigating to the perfect job setting- spas, wellness centers, gyms, physical therapy or chiropractor’s office. Which environment really speaks to you?

· Creating a business plan or revising the one you have.

· Avoiding the Groupon and Living Social pitfalls. How to utilize these companies without sacrificing your appointment book availability or losing income.

· Discover your niche market and how to develop marketing materials that speak to specific groups.

· Re-vamp strategies that you started but can’t figure out why they don’t work.

· Giving away FREE massage sessions. Does this marketing approach really work? Know your worth!

· Discounts- When should you properly use them and how? Learn how to successfully work your promotions and how not to allow the promotion to work YOU!

· Networking groups- How to find the right ones for your specific practice.

· Generating different streams of income that are all massage therapy related. All of your earnings should never come from your hands alone.

Let’s get started. *Pre-work for this course will be emailed to each participant. Please complete it and bring it to class. I look forward to seeing you soon!

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