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Creating Orgonite Workshop



3:00pm - 5:30pm

What is Orgonite?

Orgonite is an energy clearing device created commonly using organic (resin) and inorganic (metal clippings) and materials along with a clear quartz crystal. The inorganic material (metals) enclosed inside of the organic material (resin) acts as an accumulator to attract and generate orgone energy (chi, ki, prana, life force, cosmic energy, etc.) The clear quartz crystal transforms the energy accumulated into a healthy, balanced, harmonious, high vibration and sends it out as the pressure applied to the crystal from the resin creates piezoelectricity.


How to use Orgonite

     Balance and strengthen your energetic field

     Deepen Meditation

     Transference of energy from a negative space to a positive one

     Protection against electromagnetic pollution (EMF)


The Workshop

     Sip tea and fruit infused water from our amazing wellness bar

     Full product construction at each event

     Instructional, Informative, Interactive and a ton of FUN!

     Leave fully equipped to create your own unique Orgonite meditation PEACE

Meditation Take Home Kit Includes

     1-Orgonite energy clearing device

     1-Ingredient information sheet

     1-Pocket Crystal

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