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Healing Emotional Wounds Workshop Series (Class 3)

Michelle Dexter Garber, CAWC, CPAM, MPH, Registered Ayurvedic Practitioner (AAPNA)
Genevieve DiGiovanni, Energy Medicine Practitioner


The emotional aspect of health is often overlooked, but emotions can have very real physical impacts.  For example, feeling unsupported can show up as having joint problems, and old grief can cause problems with lungs and breathing.  

In this 4-class series, we will uncover and understand your emotional baggage and then practice techniques to release it for good.  You will learn how emotions impact physical health, how to release stored emotions to improve physical health and emotional balance; and how to cultivate emotional wellbeing.  

Between monthly sessions, participants will be given emotional healing techniques to practice at home, and we will have a 45-minute conference call for questions and support.  This is a program for anyone who wants to gain freedom from old emotional patterns, shows up ready to participate, and is comfortable sharing openly in a confidential group setting. 

2018 Class dates:

March 25
May 6
June 2 (updated from June 3)
July 15

All classes are from 10am-12pm, except June 2 which is from 2pm-4pm.