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Healing Allergies Naturally: Spring

Michelle Dexter Garber, CAWC, CPAM, MPH, Registered Ayurvedic Practitioner (AAPNA)


Before I learned the Ayurvedic approach to allergy treatment, I was miserable. I took 2 asthma inhalers every day, one asthma pill, nasal steroid spray, and 2 different antihistamine pills.  Since I began practicing the Ayurvedic techniques for preventing allergies years ago, I don't need an asthma inhaler at all!  I am once again able to feel excited about the Spring season, I don't get sick every Autumn, and I can freely enjoy the outdoors.  

Come to this workshop and let me teach you how I treated my allergies naturally at home, and how I am able to enjoy the freedom of an allergy-free life.  

In this workshop, we will discover what kind of allergies you personally have; whether the origins lie in inflammation, congestion, or nervous system; and how to address the root cause of your allergies to prevent them from occurring.

Due to repeated requests, herbal remedies will be made available for purchase for those who feel so inclined.  This workshop is not a sales pitch, so no one will be pressuring you to buy anything.

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