The following classes are taught by Eric Jones Williams at Sustainability Wellness. 
Sustainability Wellness is located in the Ruxton Towers - 8415 Bellona Lane Suite 202, Towson MD 21204

June 11th - MyoFascial 201
June 14th - Forearm Techniques
July 12th - Cupping Therapy 101
July 17th - Practical Stretching Techniques for the Everyday Client
July 20th - Introduction to Oncology Massage
July 22nd - Release Techniques for the Head, Neck, and Face
August 8th - Forearm Techniques
August 23rd - Cupping the Fascia
August 28th - Release Techniques for the Shoulder
September 13th - So You Want to Be Your Own Boss? 
September 16th - Body 360* 
September 22nd - Cupping Therapy 101
October 2nd - Forearm Techniques
October 6th - Introduction to Oncology
October 12th - So You Want to Be Your Own Boss? 
October 14th - Release Techniques for the Lower Back
October 16th - Cupping the Fascia
October 24th - Body 360*