The following classes are taught by Eric Jones Williams at Sustainability Wellness. 
Sustainability Wellness is located in the Ruxton Towers - 8415 Bellona Lane Suite 202, Towson MD 21204

June 11th - MyoFascial 201
June 14th - Forearm Techniques
July 12th - Cupping Therapy 101
July 17th - Practical Stretching Techniques for the Everyday Client
July 20th - Introduction to Oncology Massage
July 22nd - Release Techniques for the Head, Neck, and Face
August 8th - Forearm Techniques
August 23rd - Cupping the Fascia
August 28th - Release Techniques for the Shoulder
September 13th - So You Want to Be Your Own Boss? 
September 16th - Body 360* 
September 22nd - Cupping Therapy 101
October 2nd - Forearm Techniques
October 6th - Introduction to Oncology
October 12th - So You Want to Be Your Own Boss? 
October 14th - Release Techniques for the Lower Back
October 16th - Cupping the Fascia
October 24th - Body 360*

Public Announcement

As one wellness center we can reach few, as two wellness centers we will reach many. At this time, Eric is taking the next step of his journey and he will be expanding his practice and working on a new center. Eric's center, Sustainability Wellness, is located at Ruxton Towers, 8145 Bellona Avenue, Towson, MD 21204. Eric will continue on with teaching continuing education classes throughout Baltimore, mentoring new therapists, mentoring new teachers, as well as tending to his private practice, while finishing up his degrees at CCBC and Towson University.