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Seraphim Blueprint – Level I Seraphim Healing

Rev. Mary Perry, Seraphim Blueprint Teacher


Are you ready to start healing on a deep level? Are you ready for the next step on your journey? Then Seraphim Healing may be just what you are looking for. It is a way to start healing yourself in a deep way, to start the shift in your consciousness that you might not even know you wanted. This system of healing comes from an ancient system that was around during the days of Atlantis and has not been available to our world for many years. Founder, Ruth Rendely brought this system back to us in 1994. The Seraph has brought me into this system and healing for me has been profound. In Level I, you are attuned to two of the energies. This level is probably the most practical level of the system as it brings ways to heal yourself, others and pets. It teaches you to install grids of this energy in your home, car or where ever you spend time and to empower crystals using this energy. It is one of the most beneficial levels in the system.

Let’s start your Seraphim Blueprint journey together! I can’t wait!

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